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  5 Days Training Workshop on

NIPS has competed "5 Days Training Workshop on POPULATION PROJECTIONS", in coleboration with the POPULATION COUNCIL

Population Projections

NIPS  initiated a Project for updating the population projections

PDHS 2012-13 In-Depth Analysis

NIPS has published seven research papers based on Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey (PDHS-2012-13) data. 

NIPS Training Workshops

NIPS has organized two training workshops for NIPS researchers and students

New Executive Director

Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad has taken the charge of Executive Director, NIPS

  Pakistan (In millions)

Total Urban Rural
184.35 71.07 113.28

Maternal Mortality Rate

Population Pyramid

Demographic Transition

Gross Reproduction Rate

Growth Rate

Net Reproduction Rate

Millennium Development Goals

Infant Mortality Rate

How Population Grows ?




Research, Survey & Evaluations and Dissemination

  • Carry forward a programme of substantive and methodological research in the areas of population dynamics, impact of changes in population parameters, the demographic impact of development planning and the relationship between population and development variables and the evaluation of the various components of the population welfare programme;

  • Conduct and promote academic, applied and operational research in the field of population and development, reproductive health, and demography. Test innovative approaches and conduct policy analysis to help improve the Population Welfare Programme and adoption of small family norms;

  • Client driven research, training and evaluative studies of Population Welfare Programme and its components and other Line Ministries and nation-building departments for providing research based support at federal, provincial and district levels in carrying out their development plans, thus supplementing such activities built into the programme;

  • Publish a journal and disseminate information on innovative work, experiments, research papers, studies, policy analysis and other works; and function as a central clearing house in the field of demography, population, development and health;

Human Resource Development

  • Capacity-building training in demography, statistics, computer skills, data analysis, research methodology/methods including operations research, monitoring and evaluation and allied disciplines related to demography, population & development and health;

  • Organize national and regional conferences, seminars and workshops on demography, population & development and health issues; Create awareness about the implications of rapid growth of population for social and economic development in the Country;

  • Develop and conduct short and long term training courses in population and related fields;

  • Consultancy services in population and related fields to the organizations located within the Country and abroad;

Coordination & Liaison

  • Focal Institute to co-ordinate research and training related to family planning, reproductive health, demography and applied research on population, health and development;

  • Assist in evolution of comprehensive policies and measures in the field of population, health and development;

  • Liaison with the Ministry of NHSR&C, Planning Commission, other related Ministries/Divisions and organisations including universities and non-governmental organisations, all Population Welfare Departments, line departments and sister organization;

  • Exchange visits of NIPS personnel with other relevant institutions, Universities and organisations within the country and abroad;


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