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Evaluation of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Component of Population Welfare Programme of Pakistan

Category : Evaluation Studies

The study evaluates the performance of the IEC programme of the M/o Population Welfare during the 7th Plan period. The study was initiated in the 2nd quarter of 1994 with the aim to evaluate the IEC component of the population welfare programme. The first report of the survey was published and widely distributed.

Tags : Education, Commnunication, Population

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The Inventory of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Meterials related to Population Welfare

Category : Evaluation Studies

National Institute of Population Studies (NIPS) undertook a study, "Retrieval of IEC Materials for Population Welfare and Preparation of an Inventory" in January, 1988 which was funded by USAID. It shed light on the various stages of developing a system for the retrieval of IEC programme; it is inventory of IEC material categorized by various segments of IEC programme, and also deals with the content analysis of the IEC material available in the inventory.

Tags : Education, Information

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Report for an Evaluation of Population and Family Welfare Education for Workers' Project

Category : Evaluation Studies

National Institute of Population Studies (NIPS) undertook the evaluation study on Population Education Programme in Industrial Sector of Pakistan. The study aims to document various Family Welfare Education Programme activities such as seminars, workshops and meetings being carried out at the participating industrial establishments, to measure the effectiveness of the Family Welfare Education Programme on the Knowledge, attitudes and practice of family planning among industrial workers and their fertility behaviors and also to assess feasibilities of integrating such educational programmes into the regular components of Federal and Provincial Labour Divisions/Departments and their subsidiary institutions.


Tags : Education, Family Welfare

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