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Senior Fellow: Ms. Azra Aziz

MPA, University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.
MSc Sociology, Utah State University, USA.
Email: azra_aziz@yahoo.com

Mrs. Azra Aziz joined National Institute of Population Studies as Research Associate (BS-16) in 1987 and was promoted as Associate Fellow (BS-17) in 1993, as Fellow (BS-18) in 1997 and Senior Fellow (BS-19) in 2006. She is the senior most researchers.

She has attended several National and International training courses and workshops on scientific research, demographic techniques and analysis, methods and inquiries. She has equipped with Information Technology. She has vast experience of imparting training and managing research projects.

She is responsible for undertaking evaluation as well as impact studies and conduct training courses, workshops, and seminars. She has experience of undertaking research studies on issues relating to gender, reproductive health and family planning, population and development, household characteristics, migration and urbanization.

She has number of publications and research papers on her credit, which can be downloaded from website of NIPS.

Dr. Aysha Sheraz

Ph.D (Anthropology) from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad, M.Sc Pakistan Studies,Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan.
MSc Medical Demography, University of London, England.
Email: aysha_sheraz@hotmail.com

She Joined NIPS as Research Associate in BPS-16 in 1988, currently working as Fellow (research) and as Deputy Project director of Pakistan Demographic and Health survey, held charge of Senior Fellow (Research) from 2nd April 2012- June 2013, was also awarded look after charge of the Director (R&S) BPS-20 and PD of PDHS for one month in September 2012.

She is a dynamic and experienced professional with an in-depth understanding of a range of demographic, reproductive health, population welfare program management and evaluation. A qualified quantitative and quantitative data researcher and analyst. An HRD expert with a proven ability to design, develop and implement HRD related interventions in the area of reproductive health, population welfare program management and evaluation strategies, Also a well experienced trainers in the field of population and Development. A leader with a vision for continuous development and change.
Associate Fellows: Mr. Zafar Zahir

MSc Statistics, University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan
MA Applied Population Research Exeter University, UK.

Research Interests: Reproductive health and evaluation of family planning program.

Mr. Zafar Zahir’s research falls within the overlapping fields of mother & child healthcare (MCH), family planning and population &development. He has extensive fieldwork as part of his research in Pakistan during last 25 years. Initially interested in evaluation of family planning program and census data analysis, more recent research has focused on child health and demographic background of household. Mr. Zahir is Associate Fellow at the National Institute of Population Studies (NIPS) which he joined in 1988 as Research Associate.

  Mr. Ali Anwar Buriro

MA Economics
Sindh University, Jamshoro, Pakistan.
Diploma in Demography
Cairo Demographic Centre, Egypt.
Email: buriroalianwar@gmail.com,

Joined National Institute of Population Studies (NIPS) in 1988. He appointed as a Research Associate in the Institute and promoted as Associate Fellow in 1999. He possesses Master’s degree of Economics from the University of Sindh (Pakistan). He has completed General Diploma in Demography from Cairo Demographic Centre (CDC), Egypt (1999).

He has been assigned responsibilities of Fellow (BS-18) time to time in addition to his own duties. He attended training in designing, planning and conducting/ implementing the surveys/evaluative studies i.e. developing survey proposal, designing of questionnaires/ research tools, training of field staff, field management/monitoring, data analysis and to finalize survey reports. Since, joining to-date, he has worked on more than 23 surveys/evaluative studies and produced three in-depth research papers so far.

  Ms. Rabia Zafar

MSc Anthropology
Quaid-e- Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Ms Rabia Zafar joined this institute as Research Associate on contract basis. She has participated in eleven studies carried out by NIPS and later on regularized as Associate Fellow in 2008.

As Associate Fellow she performed different duties such as o make Research Proposals, conduct surveys which includes preparation of questionnaire, Training of the Staff, Management of Questionnaires, Field Work, Editing, Data analysis, Report Writing and In-depth Analysis for Research Papers etc. In more than fourteen surveys she served as Master Trainer. She has more than 10 research reports in her credit. She has attended many in and out country trainings and workshops.

Research Associate: Mrs. Rizwana Timsal

MSc Textile & Fashion Design


Email: rizwana_timsal@yahool.com


Computer Section: Mr. Faisal Zeb

Mr. Faisal Zeb has done Master in Computer Science (MCS) and currently working as Assistant Programmer at NIPS. He has been working with CSPro Data Entry Application since 2008, and moreover, he is expert in Export Data to SPSS for tabulation. He is also managing all the Servers, LAN, WAN and Internet at the Computer Section of NIPS.

Admin Section Mr. Zafar Iqbal Niazi

Admin Officer

Mr. Zafar Iqbal Niazi did his Graduation from University of Punjab, is associated with the Managerial related assignments of NIPS for the last 25 years. He deals the subject of Personnel Administration and responsible for providing Logistic support to all the activities related to GOP and Donor funded projects.


Mr. Muhammad Arif


PS to ED Mr. Asif Amin Khan
Private Secretary to Executive Director.


Library Ms. Rukshan Farooq

Diploma in Library Science.


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