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  Pakistan (In millions)

Total Urban Rural
207.78 75.59 132.19
Survey Type : All PDHS
Key Indicators:
Total fertility rate
Women age 15-19 who are mothers or now pregnant (%)
Median age at first marriage for women age 25-49 (years)
Median age at first birth for women age 25-49 (years)
Married women (age 15-49) wanting no more children (%)
Households with at least one mosquito net (%)
Children < 5 who slept under a mosquito net the night before the survey (% )
Family Planning
Current use of any method of contraception (currently married women 15-49) (%)
Current use of any modern method of contraception (currently married women 15-49) (%)
Currently married women with an unmet need for family planning (%)
Median Duration of exclusive breastfeeding (months).
Children 6-59 months who received Vitamin A supplement in 6 months before the survey (%)
Women who received vitamin A dose postpartum (women with a child born in the 5 years before the survey) (%)
Women who took iron tablets or syrup for at least 90 days (women with a child born in the 5 years before the survey) (%)
Median duration of any breastfeeding (months)
Child Mortality : Infant mortality (between birth and first birthday)
Child Mortality: Under - five mortality (between birth and fifth birthday)
Maternal Mortality: (Death per 100,000 based on 36 months before survey)
Maternal and Child Health
Maternity Care: Women giving birth who received prenatal care from a skilled provider (%)
Maternity care: Births assisted by a skilled provider (%)
Maternal care: Birth Deliver in a Health Facility
Child Immunization: Children 12-23 months fully vaccinated (%)
AIDS - Related Knowledge
Has heard of AIDS (Ever married women)
Knows ways to avoid AIDS: Limiting sex to one uninfected partner (ever married women 15-49) (%)
Knows ways to avoid AIDS: Using condoms (ever married women 15-49) (%)
Knows HIV can be transmitted by breastfeeding (ever married women 15-49) (%)

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